54% of Hospitals are Forced to Update
Their Infrastructure Every Three Years*

Mobile Devices

Incorporate the RIGHT Technology Now and be READY for Tomorrow

There is constant pressure to improve workflow and quality of care via new applications and devices and meet demands of wireless mobile device users while they’re within a healthcare facility. Find out how to implement a broad-based wireless strategy that supports more users, more devices, and more demands.

*Survey Results: The Current State of Hospital Wireless Networks, Ashley Wainwright, securedgenetworks.com

The Reality in Healthcare Wireless is that Wi-Fi Alone is No Longer Adequate

A comprehensive strategy that leverages Wi-Fi and a 4G-capable Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides the coverage, capacity and criticality needed to ensure mission-critical and life-saving network support into the future.

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Leverage DAS and Wi-Fi to Enable Comprehensive Wireless

To keep up with rapid technology advances, BYOD trends, and end-user and data demands, healthcare facilities must ask themselves, “how can we support a long-term wireless strategy—Wi-Fi, DAS or both?

Heard Outside the Box: Positive Customer Results


"To address both present and future wireless needs, (we) converted disparate legacy wireless networks into a comprehensive wireless solution capable of supporting 4G cellular, Wi-Fi medical telemetry, pagers, two-way radio, and public safety. "

Michael Zachary, Director IT Enterprise Architecture -
Cook Children’s Healthcare System, Fort Worth, Texas


"The DAS system delivers full medical-grade support for Wi-Fi, WMTS, cellular, and two-way radios."

Greg Walton, CIO – El Camino Hospital


"Professional, innovative, reliable, experts in their field, excellent teamwork—all describe Black Box as a whole."

Keren Foster, Systems Specialist, ICT Department - Belfast City Hospital