Black Box Acuity

Tactical Edge Micro Data Center

When it comes to setting up communications and IT in adverse conditions, the Black Box Acuity Micro Data Center can replace truckloads of equipment and up to 20 or more personnel.

Black Box Acuity – A Design to Maximize Military Effectiveness in the Field

Black Box Acuity is a micro data center specifically for field teams. Each unit’s application delivery is predefined by the mission leaders for each environment. As a technology exchange partner with DISA, NSA, and DHS, Black Box continues to drive technology to do more with less equipment, manpower, and time. The Acuity Micro Data Center is evidence of years of development culminating in specialized platform that will greatly improve agency responsiveness while driving cost savings. Contact us today to learn more about configuration options.

Acuity Micro Data Center
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Get an overview of how Acuity replaces truckload of equipment for substantial cost savings and efficiency.

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Set Up a 50-Person Data Center in a Couple of Hours

Acuity Micro Data Center

When it comes to setting up communications and IT in adverse conditions, the Black Box Acuity Micro Data Center
can replace truckloads of equipment and up to 20 or more personnel.

Why are Mobility and Agility critical?

In the event of an emergency, caused by natural disaster or act of war, it can take weeks or even months to set up reliable communication at the tactical edge. Teams are often forced to use ad-hoc solutions that are not interoperable, leaving even more issues to resolve.

With Acuity, you can carry a 30-pound solution onto a commercial airline and set up a 50-person data center, even in tough terrain, in just a couple of hours.

Key Features:

  • Portable at 30 Lbs
  • WiFi and LTE included
  • Supports up to 50 users
  • Designed for tactical edge
  • Easy SD-WAN management
  • Full Unified Communications
  • Identity management
  • Failsafe delivery
  • Secure Vector Routing
Acuity Micro Data Center

A SMART Choice for Government Agencies


Simple to Transport, Easy to Setup

Fully loaded, Acuity weighs only 30 pounds and can be placed in the overhead compartment of any commercial airline. Because one unit replaces truckloads of equipment, Acuity can be setup in minutes or hours versus days or weeks.

Mobile Connectivity When You Need It Most

WiFi and LTE capabilities are included while options for satellite linkages via physical IP connections are available. With Acuity backhaul communications are up and running quickly.

Agile for Swift Connectivity and Redeployment

Acuity is designed to ensure complete agility within the system. For example server cards are water proof and FIPS-140-2 certified. Cards may be moved from one unit to another in case of an emergency. This not only provides quick redeployment but safeguards data to ensure no critical information is left in the unit.

Rugged to Handle the Tough Terrain

Acuity can withstand extreme temperatures, sand, and dust. All equipment meets unified capabilities requirements (UCR2013) and are MIL-STD-810G certified. Regardless of the field conditions Acuity can keep up and help ensure operations will continue.

Tactical to Work Autonomously in DIL Environments

Acuity is the ideal tactical system for government agencies because it reduces a significant amount of equipment footprint. With Acuity, data collection, processing, and analysis can occur locally and expeditiously, empowering users to make well-informed, mission-critical decisions in real time.

Full Data Center Capabilities

Black Box handpicks the best software applications from reputable companies to deliver key functions like identity management, encryption, and unified communications.

Unified Communications

With Acuity, tactical teams can have a full communications suite up and running in hours. The UC platform provides email, SMS, voicemail, phone service, and peer-to-peer video conferencing. Agencies can setup the priority of communications using QoS to ensure there is no latency or dropped calls in critical moments.

Identity Management

Field-tested identity management solutions assure a centralized location for security policy enforcement, user authentication, and authorization to prevent unauthorized access to critical assets. Acuity provides the ability for agencies to extend their footprint into cloud-based identity and access management solutions as needed.

Session Migration

Time is critical in the field for mission critical operations. Features such as Session Migration monitors links continuously and can immediately migrate traffic without data interruption. For example, video streaming will continue to play automatically during circuit failover.

Load Balancing and Failover

Acuity eliminates the costly practice of procuring redundant links to protect against failover. Instead, Acuity makes use of all available circuits and load balances between them to ensure not only network efficiency but business continuity.

Secure Vector Routing

New secure vector routing (SVR) technology removes the need to double encrypt the same packet saving organizational bandwidth. SVR leverages existing infrastructure such as MPLS and the Internet and works with VSAT, LTE, and broadband connections. Therefore, expensive circuits or VPN solutions are not needed.

Hyper-Segmentation and VNF

Similar to VLAN setup, Acuity can script the entire network infrastructure in template language to rapidly speed up deployment when setting up new equipment.

Open Standard / Architecture

Acuity uses open-source and non-proprietary hardware and software whenever possible to foster more commonality across IT systems, just like the federal government. Open architecture offers a variety of benefits including easier installation and upgrades. This will not negatively impact security as Acuity protects data exchange within the platform regardless of the architecture used.

Private Cloud

Acuity works with a variety of private cloud vendors to ensure enhanced performance and security as well as cost reduction for certain workloads.